How to sell boutique brands

Welcome back all you #resellers!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about selling clothing brands you've never even heard of. Why would you want to do do that? Sticking to the brands you know and understand keep your shop or closet consistent... but also BORING.

Example brands in your Fashion Maids box! Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Example brands in your Fashion Maids box! Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Diversifying your brands keeps new eyeballs on your closet much more often, allows the potential for better bundles, leading to a higher potential for sales. Not sure what bundling is? We will talk more about reseller lingo in the next post.

Keeping your closet consistent is important, but it is more important that style is the consistent factor- not brand.

How do unknown brands get you more shop visits? Sometimes it's the style of the clothing that gets searched, sometimes it's that the brand already has a cult following! In general, more listings equals more views. If your photos are stylish and aesthetically pleasing, then people are encouraged to click your item even they don't know the brand.

Check out a sample box from us, The Fashion Maids, where we help diversify your closet with known and unknown brand names.

But you can't just sell any brand name. Of course, checking the comps (more reseller lingo for comparable sold prices, or resale value) is important, as well as looking at the styles and the condition/quality. The style and vibe your shop or closet has really defines your customers rather than brand. A brand may help you get certain people into your store, but the style is what keeps them around.

Check out this video The Deal Queen, who has years of experience reselling, even says she focuses on style more than brand when sourcing in her YouTube video.

With services like ours at The Fashion Maids, we take care of the style part for you. You let us know the vibe your closet has, the brands that typically sell well for you, and we pick out the clothes that fit your style. All you have to do is take those gorgeous pics, list them, and sell away.

Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Product and clothing photography can be difficult. There are tons of variations in successful photo styles, so just pick one that suits you and your situation best. In another post, we will talk more about pic tips, but some examples of photo strategies are styled flat lays, hanger pics, self modeled pics, or stock photos. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, USE YOUR BED AND THROW THE CLOTHES ON TOP OF IT TO TAKE A PHOTO. Unless your bed looks like a Joanna Gaines Magnolia magazine shoot, there's no excuse to take a photo like that.

The best photo advice is this: try your best to take a photo that would almost make you want to buy the item a second time. Why would someone want to buy an item from you, of any brand or style, that is carelessly thrown on the floor or a wrinkly bed?

Need some photo tips? Check out Rachel at The Curated Tomato, she has countless videos on great product and clothing photography. #closetcrush

Think about it this way, put yourself in a shoppers shoes (hopefully they're Rothy's!). If you are searching for that perfect pair of button up, distressed Madewell crop jeans, that's all you're seeing when you search. But then you realize you don't want to pay for that $6.79 shipping-- ugh! So you browse the seller's closet, looking for items to bundle with. It turns out they have a lot of aesthetically pleasing pieces but are unknown brands, some other brands you like, and some items you decide to throw into a bundle with the jeans! You follow the closet just because of the vibes they have, and eventually turn into a repeat customer.

Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Photo by The Fashion Maids.

It's also hard to keep tabs on which boutique brands are up and coming, or even already have a cult following. Adding a few new brands to your closet can increase your chances of turning up in somebody's search results. Also, if the boutique brands you are selecting are on trend and in style, those items could turn up in someone's search for "spring swing dresses", "camel teddy coats", or "leopard print skirts".

Want to know more about The Fashion Maids clothing selection process? Read our FAQ's.

How do you find out the styles that are on trend? There's tons of different ways to do this, including following other resellers on Instagram. Poshmark gives periodical trend reports, as well as highlighting their most searched items in their "showrooms" under the search tab. Depop also has a "things we love" section under their search tab. The Fashion Maids keep tabs for you too. We will publish style trend reports for your reference soon!

Check out Poshmark's spring 2019 Trend Report on their blog.

What’s Hot Right Now:
- Accessories: clips, wraps, headbands
- Python / Snakeskin print: think shoes, purses, and clothing
- Monochrome: outfits decked out in all one color or a spectrum like pink and red
- Update: fanny packs are still around
- Incoming: brights and patterns are having a moment. Is it safe to say we’re moving on from a love affair with neutrals?
— Poshmark 2019 Spring Trend Report

Now, as always, I wanted to chat a little more about sustainability. A huge portion of resellers AND second-hand clothing shoppers care about the environment. It's important to take this into account when reselling clothes. With unknown brands, these clothes typically don't fly of the thrift shelves, or even boutique shelves. Making sure that these clothes have an equal chance to get loved by a new owner is essential to helping keep the clothes-- and resources put into them-- out of the landfill. Most of these lesser known brands are from smaller businesses that are just trying to make it in the fashion world too, so by selling them you are also helping them get more exposure to compete with the bigger brand names.

Update your Fashion Maids profile to better describe the style and vibe you'd like to receive, not just brand names.

I hope you found this post useful, and perhaps you even decided to take the risk and buy some stylish clothes from up and coming brands that you haven't heard of! If you haven't subscribed to our clothing box yet, now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon.

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Photo by The Fashion Maids.

Photo by The Fashion Maids.

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